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Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge


There will be 6,000 USD of prizes, plus free conference registrations and travel grants generously donated by our sponsors, see the Credits page. Only participants having complied with the rules of the challenge (including submitting results on the final evaluation sets for all 5 challenge datasets) and having submitted themselves to eventual post-challenge verifications, as required by the organizers, will be eligible for prizes, free registrations or travel awards. There are prizes for each phase.



In addition, deserving participants and particularly students may be attributed additional travel awards. The travel awards will have to be used by the awardees to attend the workshop(s) where the results of the challenge will be presented and will be granted upon delivery of receipts of travel expenses. Cash prizes, registrations and travel awards cannot be cumulated. So if you win in several categories (different phase and/or best paper and best rank), you will get all the certificates, but only the largest prize. Any non-attributable or unclaimed travel award or prize will be redistributed as travel grant to other deserving participants.