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Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge

Challenge Datasets

We propose datasets from various application domains (all real data). For all datasets, there are 3 (unlabeled) subsets: development set, validation set, and final evaluation set. During the development period, you may get immediate feed-back on the Leaderboard and in My Lab by making submissions on the validation set of valid data representations. Turn in your representation on the final evaluation set when you are ready for final testing.
In phase 1, no labels were available.

For phase 2 download the transfer labels

Dataset Domain Feat. num. Sparsity (%) Development num. Transfer num. Validation num. Final Eval. num. Data (text) Data (Matlab)
AVICENNA Arabic manuscripts 120 0.00 150205 50000 4096 4096 16 MB 14 MB
HARRY Human action recognition 5000 98.12 69652 20000 4096 4096 13 MB 15 MB
RITA Object recognition 7200 1.19 111808 24000 4096 4096 1026 MB 762 MB
SYLVESTER Ecology 100 0.00 572820 100000 4096 4096 81 MB 69 MB
TERRY Text recognition 47236 99.84 217034 40000 4096 4096 73 MB 56 MB
ULE (toy data) Handwritten digits 784 80.85 26808 10000 4096 4096 7 MB 13 MB

Data Mirrors and Download Tips

Toy Dataset

We provide a toy dataset called ULE (Unsupervised Learning Example dataset). This dataset is NOT part of the challenge. It is provided for practice purpose. We used this dataset to provide example submissions (see the Instructions) with our Matlab sample code and example learning curves (see the Evaluation page). For ULE you get all the data labels. For all other datasets, the data come with no label in phase 1 and you will get only the transfer labels in phase 2.

Dataset Formats

Below are the formats of the data found in the archives, where dataname is one of the dataset names and subset is one of: devel (development set), valid (validation set), or final (final evaluation set).
To prepare a valid submission, see Instructions.