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Causality Challenge #3: Cause-effect pairs

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Warning: Being eligible for prizes is restricted by US export regulations. Please consult the OFAC website, which lists countries and persons who are inelligible. Participation without claiming prizes is not conditioned on submitting software or papers. However, to compete for the prizes, the participants must submit their software for verification purpose (see rules for details).


Competition prizes for the two best ranking entrants, based on the final (test data) evaluation score on the Kaggle platform: (*) The travel award may be used for one of the workshops organized in conjunction with the challenge. Due to the change in schedule, the IJCNN 2013 workshop was canceled. The NIPS workshop will take place if accepted, or another workshop will be organized. The award money will be granted in reimbursement of expenses including airfare, ground transportation, hotel, or workshop registration. Reimbursement is conditioned on (i) attenting the workshop, (ii) making an oral presentation of the methods used in the challenge, and (iii) presenting original receipts and boarding passes.

In addition, there will be four best paper awards:

For all papers, the reviewers will use five criteria: (1) Impact (track 1) or Performance in challenge (track 1), (2) Novelty/Originality, (3) Sanity, (4) Insight, and (5) Clarity of presentation. In track 1 (data donation), "Impact" means the scientific, technical, and/or societal impact of the cause-effect relationships discovered through the challenge (preferably validated a posteriori). In track 2 (submission of methods), "Performance" means verified final challenge performance results on test data (see reproducibility).

Additional travel support to deserving participants will be provided based on availability (contact