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Causality Challenge #2: Pot-Luck

The challenge is over, see the results and videos of the talks

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Challenge Tasks

The Pot-luck challenge datasets are a selection of the Repository datasets. Presently, we propose the following tasks: Note that the participants are ultimately judged on their paper(s). For each dataset, the tasks proposed are only suggestions. The participants are invited to use the data is a creative way and propose their own task(s).

New: tasks proposed by participants

October 30: The following tasks proposed by participants are now included in the challenge.

Data donation

Another way to participate in the challenge is to donate data. You will need to first Register . Then you will need to fill out a form to Deposit your data.

Our repository does not actually store data, it points to a web page YOUR_DATA.html, which you maintain, and from which your data is accessible. If you do not have a web server allowing you to maintain a web page for your data, you may use the UCI Machine Learning Repository, which physically archives data or contact us at

Your entry can be edited after submission, but we recommend that you prepare your submission in a text file before filling out the form.

Tips to fill out your submission form: