Hangover or after-party for stocks?
By Edward Krudy
NEW YORK | Sun Jan 2, 2011 11:30am EST

(Reuters) - A bout of profit taking seems likely early in the new year after the S&P 500 ended its best December in almost two decades, but stocks may have further to run at the start of 2011.
Technical indicators are pointing to a strained market, though recently stocks have been maintaining the momentum of late 2010.
The potential is certainly there for shares to derail this week with some important economic reports due. A repeat of last month's disappointing U.S. jobs number could spark a sell-off.

TERRY is a text recognition dataset

The data of TERRY come from a collection of Reuters, Ltd new articles made available by David D. Lewis: RCV1-v2/LYRL2004: The LYRL2004 Distribution of the RCV1-v2 Text Categorization Test Collection (12-Apr-2004 Version). The preprocessed data is a sparse representation based on a bag-of-word with a vocabulary of 47,236 stemmed tokens. Compared to the original dataset, the data were subsampled and scrambled and the features disguised. For details on the original data, see: Lewis, D. D.; Yang, Y.; Rose, T.; and Li, F. RCV1: A New Benchmark Collection for Text Categorization Research. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 5:361-397, 2004.
CausalityThis dataset is used in the Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge by the Causality Workbench